Knotted Animals and Figures,
decorative knot tying art

First the "Papoose Maskot Bear"
was knotted (not knitted) out of cotton cords,
later more litte knot animals followed to complete the Knot Animal Zoo,
all knot work done by Harry on long evenings aboard Papoose Yacht.

knotted animal Teddy bear
knotted Maskot coala Teddy bear
among other knotted animals

knotted animal llama
knotted llama
knotted cock
knotted cock
knotted animal sea lion
knotted sea lion

knotted animals mouse bear and pig
knotted animals mousebear and pig

knotted animal camel
knotted camel
knotted animal elephant
knotted elephant
knotted animal dogs
knotted dogs
knotted animals sheep
knotted animals sheep
knotted donkey Number Seven
knotted donkey "Number Seven"

knotted panda bear
knoted panda bear

knotted snoopy with Charly Brown
knotted Snoopy by the lake
knotted snoopy on doghouse
knotted Snoopy
knotted boxing Matilda kangaroo
knotted boxing Matilda kangaroo
studa of knotted deads family
study of knotted heads of a family
study of knotted heads
study of knotted heads of 3 gentlemen

knotted reindeer Rudolph

above animals include knotted coala bear, llama, cock, sea lion, mouse-bear, pig,
camel, elephant, dogs, sheep, Snoopy and Randolph

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